Through 1:1 coaching, team coaching and group facilitation, we create clarity, presence and resilience for you and/or your organization.

Judith is an awesome coach. The way she interacts makes it easy to participate.

Centered Work participant

Centered Coaching

Rooted in mindfulness, strengths and values, we work on awareness, skillful means and practical steps toward the positive changes you seek.  My coaching clients report an increase in self-awareness and self-regulation, emotional and relational intelligence, stress and anxiety management, giving and receiving feedback, effective presence, and intentional impact.  I specialize in career and life transitions, leadership presence, engagement, resilience, and effective communications. I am trained in various assessments such as Meyers Briggs, CPI 260, FIRO-B, Values, and Strengths assessments.

Judith gave me the tools and insight necessary for putting joy before stress or worry.

A.F., Career transition coaching client

Coaching is a partnership with you. Our work together helps you to gain clarity and skill regarding your thinking, feeling, acting, leading, participating, and engaging. I help you to connect who you truly are with what you do and how you do it, at work and in life.

I really appreciated Judith’s help in making this a very smooth transition in my career. Thank you!

Microsoft career coaching client

I help you learn and develop new insights and skills to reach and sustain your definition of success. And I help to hold you accountable to what you want, to yourself, to the presence you want to have, and to the team and organizational culture you want to create.

Centered Work Facilitation

We offer group coaching, workshops and series that suit the culture, needs and aspirations of your team and organization.  We specialize in mindfulness and awareness skill building, leadership presence, self-regulation, emotional and relational intelligence (EQ & RQ), and stress resilience, with research-based and proven methods and practice that last participants a lifetime.

I’ve most enjoyed learning all the different ways I can weave mindfulness throughout my day.

S.L., Editor and Centered Work participant

Centered Work participants report being better able to focus, which increases clarity, productivity and peace of mind, and are more emotionally self-aware, increasing self-regulation and relational success. 100% of participants surveyed across multiple Centered Work workshops would recommend Judith’s facilitation and programs to a colleague.

This is the most important class I’ve done lately to actually fix my stress.

E.C., Producer

We improve systemic and interpersonal communications, engagement, joy, collaboration, awareness of impact, and resilience for leaders and individuals at all levels of the organization.

Connect who you are with what you do and how you do it

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